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How to get over 174.620,00 USD on file downloads in 6 months

Author Thread
New Member

Joined: 16 Mar 2011
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How to get over 174.620,00 USD on file downloads in 6 months  Reply with quote  

To moderators, i've searched for appropriate forum, seems this one is ok, move the topic please if i missed. I'll post news and updates here. Thnx

Hello all! We are here to help you to make money. Big money! Really big money!

We are SBDCash, legal pay-per-install program for file, video, software, music etc traffic. We pay up to 1USD per install.

Our product SBD File Downloader: Over 12 mln files in database, free downloads for user, no registrations, hidden fees etc.
You send user to our promo, user downloads our software (downloader client), downloads content for free and everyone is happy.

We accept any kind of traffic according our simple rules.
No hidden installs, drive-by-download, exploits etc.
No adult, no violence, no abuse, underage content etc stuff.
Breaking our rules you wont be payed.

At this moment we accept US, CA, Europe, Japan and other, Asia and nonpaying will be sent you back via our trafficback system.
See rates, choose your countries to accept and get others via trafficback.

March Promo: US Install - 0.7USD
Contact support via ticket to get extra US rates.

Key Features:

  • Landing site with download site design (3 more designs coming soon)
  • Domain parking of your own domain. Recommended to use
  • XML, JSON, RSS feeds for search query. You can import all search data in any place of your site or doorway with it.
  • Different page langings: download page, search, download server select, direct download exe with 1st search result
  • Links modules for Wordpress and DLE CMS
  • Javascript links block for placing in nonredirect sites, blogs, splogs, profiles etc.
  • Trafficback feature will send you back traffic with bad, or unselected geo, you can send on landing pages one or several selected countries.

Our benefits:

  • Our software suggests user to install toolbar from one of the biggest world search providers. In is not a "noname toolbar" with tons of useless stuff
  • Installation only with user permission. Of course, uninstall included.
  • All binary code signed by Microsoft Code Signing Certificates. Installation process is trusted, absolutely no hidden stuff, malware etc.
  • Virustotal clear (who'd doubt)


  • AT 0.07
  • AU 0.07
  • BE 0.07
  • BR 0.03
  • CA 0.21
  • CH 0.14
  • DE 0.19
  • DK 0.07
  • ES 0.05
  • FI 0.09
  • FR 0.16
  • GB 0.27
  • GR 0.03
  • IE 0.07
  • IL 0.21
  • IS 0.07
  • IT 0.16
  • JP 0.21
  • LU 0.09
  • NL 0.21
  • NO 0.14
  • NZ 0.03
  • PT 0.03
  • SE 0.16
  • US 0.50

We pay into Paypal, Wire, Paxum, Epese, Webmoney systems, NET15 scheme with 2 weeks hold.

Email: support ()
Jabber: sbdcash ()
ICQ: 614537514
MSN: sbdcash ()
Skype: smartbuzzdigital (chat please)

More info and howto's:

Our products are the best ads choice for any kind of files.
SBD File Dowloader is good for: rapidshare search engines, software portals, reviews blogs, mp3, movies, ebooks catalogues.

If you have a free product, book, video or something else and you want to make some money on it [*]SBD is your best solution.
Provide it to our database and show your visitors a direct link to our downloader with your file.
Your visitor gets your content for free, you get your per install and everyone is happy.

Youtube and other video sites generates millions of traffic, so trial video rules here
Teaser video and suggestion to download full version, or video pack, for example funny videos [*]works good.

Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook marketing: find coupons, buy traffic (US better) and drive it on our search.
Most of them prohibits click to download sites, but Switch ON your brain and get up to 300-400% profit!
Extraquality traffic, but you must buy it according to their rules.

Pay-per-click systems: usually they dont limit sending click on download sites, you can buy all *download traffic and make money.
Count clicks, detect bots, invest, experiment with title and desc and get payed more money.
Analytics rules also.
Post Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:04 pm
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New Member

Joined: 16 Mar 2011
Good Posts: 1

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what do you dont know, man? :)
Post Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:23 pm
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