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3 Methods to Easy Marketing

Author Thread
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Joined: 06 Mar 2011
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I think these all marketing strategies comes under search engine or benefit search engine marketing, You mentioned forums, which is best place to marketing new services and product if you follow the forum rule. Similarly SEO is very much beneficial for un-paid search engine marketing...

SEO Forum
Post Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:16 pm
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Joined: 01 Aug 2013
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Originally posted by HarryJackson
I think when we hire good internet marketing firm then they will do both SEO and PPC. and in SEO they will also do forum posting. SO its better to select company or firm that not only do paid advertisement but also work on SEO. and if you have time then try to do forum posting your self as this helps you to learn many new things also internet marketing tactics.

Here are some questions you should ask before hiring any Internet Marketing firm:

What SEO methods do they plan to use?
How many unique visitors will they guarantee, for how long and for what price?
Are they pricing their service per visitor?
Will they be writing unique articles for you and how many?
Will they be creating backlinks and how many?
Will the backlinks be from related websites?
Do they use black hat or white hat methods?
Will they be adding your website to Internet directories and how many?
Are they going to incorporate videos in their marketing plan?
All of these questions are critical to get answered before you hire an Internet Marketing firm.

How To Make Money Online In Just 2 Weeks.
Post Fri Oct 25, 2013 4:09 am
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Joined: 10 May 2013
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Reaching out to local media
One of your audiences will invariably be the media. You can’t pitch all media outlets the same way. TV has different needs from print and radio and vice versa. But before you pitch ask yourself:
• Is your product or service the first, best or brand new?
• Is it award-winning or trendsetting?
• Does it solve a problem?
• Does it provide a unique service?
• Is it visual (TV and online mostly, but even print is getting into video)
If you don’t have anything that fits into the above categories, then you probably don’t have a news story. But you can still provide meaningful commentary by being an expert in your field.
Social media
Let’s be honest there are a ton of different social media channels out there. My guidance is pick one or two that you think make sense for your business and master those first. You can spend hours venturing down the social media rabbit hole, but here are some general rules of thumb:
• The goal is to engage customers – be a part of the discussion in your industry and it will help you gain an audience or followers.
• Don’t be afraid to “friend” or “follow” reporters. Your ideas may spark stories for them.
• Ask for feedback from your followers. Again, engagement is the key you want them to “like” and “share” or “retweet” what you post.
My Mom is now on Facebook, so my general rule of thumb is, if I post it my Mom is going to see this.
Your website. I’m assuming you already have one if you are reading this. But you need to make sure you are making the most of it. With the constant changes in search algorithms, you want to make sure your content is fresh. One of the best ways to do this is to have a blog. I see a lot of websites that were built a year or two ago and haven’t been touched since.
Post Thu Jun 05, 2014 9:15 am
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