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Author Thread
Preferred Member

Joined: 01 Jan 2009
Good Posts: 107
Location: UK
CSS  Reply with quote  

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language used to describe the presentation (that is, the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can be applied to any kind of XML document, including SVG and XUL.

CSS is designed primarily to enable the separation of document content (written in HTML or a similar markup language) from document presentation, including elements such as the colors, fonts, and layout. This separation can improve content accessibility, provide more flexibility and control in the specification of presentation characteristics, enable multiple pages to share formatting, and reduce complexity and repetition in the structural content (such as by allowing for tableless web design).

CSS has a simple syntax, and uses a number of English keywords to specify the names of various style properties.

A style sheet consists of a list of rules. Each rule or rule-set consists of one or more selectors and a declaration block. A declaration-block consists of a list of semicolon-separated declarations in braces. Each declaration itself consists of a property, a colon (:), a value, then a semi-colon (;).

CSS information can be provided by various sources. CSS style information can be either attached as a separate document or embedded in the HTML document. Multiple style sheets can be imported. Different styles can be applied depending on the output device being used; for example, the screen version can be quite different from the printed version, so that authors can tailor the presentation appropriately for each medium.

* Author styles (style information provided by the web page author), in the form of

external stylesheets, i.e. a separate CSS-file referenced from the document
embedded style, blocks of CSS information inside the HTML document itself
inline styles, inside the HTML document, style information on a single element, specified using the "style" attribute.

* User style

a local CSS-file specified by the user using options in the web browser, and acting as an override, to be applied to all documents.

* User agent style

the default style sheet applied by the user agent, e.g. the browser's default presentation of elements.

One of the goals of CSS is also to allow users a greater degree of control over presentation; those who find the red italic headings difficult to read may apply other style sheets to the document. Depending on their browser and the web site, a user may choose from various stylesheets provided by the designers, may remove all added style and view the site using their browser's default styling or may perhaps override just the red italic heading style without altering other attributes.

Post Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:13 pm
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Contributing Member

Joined: 17 Feb 2010
Good Posts: 25

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yup nice article on CSS, It is the most common application to style or customize your web pages and help full for making stylish our work thanks for sharing

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Post Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:53 am
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New Member

Joined: 04 Mar 2010
Good Posts: 13
Location: UK
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Well written article it covers everything on CSS. Great going.

Hi, I'm new to SEO 1.
Post Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:25 am
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New Member

Joined: 30 Mar 2010
Good Posts: 2
Location: singapore
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nice,thank for sharing.
Post Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:22 am
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New Member

Joined: 21 Sep 2011
Good Posts: 1

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CSS is the recommended way to control the presentation layer in a web document. The main advantage of CSS presentation in HTML format is that style can be totally independent of the content. They give the designer more control over the appearance of a web page, allowing specifically define styles for elements such as fonts, on the page.

Hi, I'm new to SEO 1.
Post Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:36 pm
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Full Member

Joined: 04 Aug 2010
Good Posts: 52

Re:  Reply with quote  

CSS is essential for the website design. it define how to display your website. it solved a big problem of HTML. The purpose of HTML is to define the content of page. CSS define HTML elements how to display. By using CSS designer save lot of time and efforts, you also apply style on different pages by using one external style sheet that have .css extension. by using CSS yoy create attractive menus.

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Post Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:10 am
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New Member

Joined: 09 Feb 2012
Good Posts: 2

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Nice thanks

Hi, I'm new to SEO 1.
Post Tue May 08, 2012 1:23 pm
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New Member

Joined: 11 Jun 2012
Good Posts: 1

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Yes, CSS is a style language that defines layout of HTML documents. CSS is generally considered a simple and easy language, sometimes it needs imagination, skill and a bit of analysis.

Hi, I'm new to SEO 1.
Post Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:47 am
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New Member

Joined: 08 Apr 2013
Good Posts: 2
Location: USA
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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet used to create styles of the HTML documents. CSS styles define how the HTML elements are displayed in the web browsers. CSS play very important role in web designing. CSS file save with an extension of .CSS.

Hi, I'm new to SEO 1.
Post Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:29 am
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Full Member

Joined: 08 Mar 2013
Good Posts: 65

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Very nice article.You can learn CSS from which is the best site for beginners.
Post Sat Jul 13, 2013 6:04 am
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